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Schafer Roofing and Guttering is a mid sized construction firm Specializing in residential roofing. We are based out of Adair, IA. It is our mission to provide the highest quality products, workmanship, and service & guarantee in the roofing industry today.

Your complete satisfaction is the measure of our success.

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Your choice in a roofing contractor will affect the value of your home or building, over many years, with the purchase price being just one of many contributing factors. It is Schafer Roofing’s attention to the “big picture” of total roofing costs, paired with our unique installation features, that has earned us the reputation as the best choice in residential and commercial roofing systems.

Your roof is exposed to all the elements in nature, including heat and rain. With Schafer Roofing, we can assure you outstanding roof installation for a reasonable price so that you may easily protect your home from the harsh elemental conditions that nature brings forth.


We are one of the most established roofing companies in the state of Iowa. We strive to match you with a roofing solution for your home our business that will match your project expectations and your budget.


Whether you need more energy-efficient windows to replace your existing ones, or need new windows or skylights to improve your home or business, Schafer Roofing has the experience that makes us your best choice.


The presentation of your home is areflection of your unique style. With many siding solutions available, we can match the look you desire from a high-quality siding product.


Need new gutters? Schafer Roofing can provide you an affordable replacement; color-matched and produced on-site. Are you tired of removing leaves and other debris? We also offer several options for clog-free gutter systems that can help you skip the chore of cleaning out your gutters
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