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First of all, we would like to make this transition (from your old roof to your new roof) as comfortable as possible. Here are a few of the ways we plan to achieve this goal: All employees will behave with appropriate decorum.   We recognize you, the customer as the one in charge. Any questions, comments or ideas communicated from you will be received cheerfully and respectfully. Safety cones and/or caution tape will be used as necessary around any equipment, vehicles, supplies etc. We will keep the jobsite tidy, creating a safer, more organized and efficient work environment. While daily jobsite hours will vary, we will try to be present from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, allowing sufficient time for travel and supplies. I will personally be on location or otherwise accessible 24/7 for the duration of the project. 

This is not limited to, but will include removal of all existing shingles, perimeter flashing, step flashing, and boots or collars. Any remaining nails will be pulled or driven flush with the roof deck level. Deteriorated decking or any other items not desired as part of the finished project, will also be removed and replaced at this time. Care is taken to protect existing landscaping and structure. 

Clean-Up and Disposal
All debris will be contained or hauled away at the end of each working day. Hydraulic dump trailers will be positioned at strategic locations around the structure. Caution cones and caution tape will be used as deemed necessary. Larger roller magnets will be used over lawn and driveways and smaller stick magnets will be used around landscaping and steps. All debris will be disposed of in a legal, environmentally sound manner. 

Installation of Underlayment, Flashing and Composite Shingles

A synthetic underlayment will be fastened by under the composite shingle. All valleys, siding, perimeters, chimneys, or penetration of any kind will be flashed appropriately. A high quality, 50 year, composite shingle will be fastened to the roof deck with six nails per shingle. Fasteners will be placed with care (ie: not to be overdriven or under driven, in accordance with manufacturers specifications.) Where applicable, high quality, COMPATIBLE sealants will be used.

Flat Roofs

A EPDM or TPO membrane will typically be used on low-pitch or no-pitch areas.

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