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We know that you have many choices when selecting your roofing contractor.  That is why we work so hard to stand apart from our competitors.

All roofing installations are not the same. Some roofs may look the same on the surface, but it's what is inside that can make the difference between a long, trouble-free service life or an expensive maintenance nightmare.  Simple issues like nail-depth, flashing placement, proper flashing, proper underlayment application,  and ventilation are extremely important.  A collaboration of very simple, yet very important steps need to take place in order to achieve maximum service life with a minimal amount of maintenance.

There are also product choices that come into play. Proper stapling, for example, when paired with a high grade felt, offer many times the wind resistance during the "drying-in" process of your roof.  Our choice in fastening systems reflect our commitment to quality. We use pneumatic nailers that have adjustable depth guides to ensure no fasteners are over or under driven.  The use of metal under every valley is a preventative step that can allow your roof to endure some of the most damaging hail storms.  Ice-and-water underlayment is used where potential ice damming can occur.  Finally, we prefer to install high grade Owens Corning brand shingles.
Tearing off your old roof can be a big project by itself.  We promise to protect your siding and landscaping and use the same amount of caution and care we would use on our own homes.

All residential roofs come with a ten year workmanship guarantee.   Schafer Roofing takes full responsibility for the performance of your roof for a period of ten years.  This service contract is independent of, and in addition to the product manufacturers' warrantee

We strive to give you the best roof for your money. If you are pleased with the job we've done, please tell your friends. Thank you for your business.